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...to generate divine sexual energy, clear the energies that block you, and live an ecstatic life?
Sexual Awakening


Awaken the inherent pleasure inside your body, and come to understand that PLEASURE is a SPIRITUAL PRACTICE...


My name is Allison Holley, and I am an intuitive guide and sacred sexuality teacher.

I'm excited to share with you how to ignite your ecstatic body, and to finally clear the shame held inside your body so that you can bridge the divide between the sexual and the spiritual.

In this course you will discover:

  • How to ignite your sexual energy with various practices and guided meditations

  • How to transmute blocked sexual / life-force energy into divine sexual energy

  • Techniques for self-soothing and bringing comfort to the body

  • How to live in such a high state of pleasure that you are continuously ecstatic, and even orgasmic in your joy

  • How to navigate the world with your newfound sexual energy

Your sexual energy is your life-force energy. It is your birthright be fully alive and awakened in your body.

Kundalini energy is ecstatic energy. When we remove the blocks within our body, psyche, and energy fields, we allow this profoundly beautiful energy to flow, and the feeling is ecstatic, and also sexual. We are meant to live in greater and greater frequencies of this pleasurable energy.

This course is open to all sexual orientations and genders. You can be single or in any form of relationship, and this course will move you deeper into awakening.

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